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The Future of Payments aka Apple Pay

Mobile payments, Apple Pay, Google Wallet, what do these have in common? Buzzwords. These words are becoming apart of our daily vocabulary and are changing the way we all do business. In today's rapidly changing world, how do majority of consumers and potential customers pay for things? Well, more and more are switching to mobile banking and mobile payments such as Apple Pay. On Oct 20th of this year, Apple Pay was released and available on all the new iPhone 6 and Apple Watches. Apple Pay isn't a new idea, but it is changing the game with the brand recognition and availability.


Unfortunately most vendors and business do not accept apple pay or any other form of mobile payments. In fact there are plenty of companies that do not even accept credit cards.

Credit Cards are here to stay, there's no denying that. Most people reading this have at least 1-2 payment cards and don't intend on switching. Credit Cards may be here to stay but the act of swiping cards are becoming less and less normal. Buying products online or just by placing your phone on a credit card terminal are all becoming apart of our businesses lives.

Mobile payments are a fairly new idea, are you and your business prepared? For more information on how you and your business can accept mobile payments call us at 877-295-6789.

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