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Why the Holidays Matter...

For most companies, November and December account for much of their bottom line. These are the months in which sales skyrocket, but also they become the most stressful. Always looking for the best way to reach new and potential customers all while attracting people into your store. Plus trying to keep your current customers in the know can be an overwhelming task. Most businesses experience this tremendous amount of stress during the next few weeks and months. Black Friday and Small Business Saturday are right around the corner, are you prepared?

We know the struggle of business in the busy season. Trying to manage inventory, sales, and planning your much needed family time. NCR Silver helps eliminate and elevenate some of you holiday stress. NCR Silver allows you to track inventory, manage sales, email top customers, all with the ease and convenience of your iPad or iPhone. Being able to accept credit cards is a key aspect in running a successful business today. NCR Silver not only gives you the ability to accept credit cards but gives you peace of mind. With month to month rental programs, NCR Silver is a must this holiday season.

Let's face it, in today's ever growing need for "great deals" and holiday specials", sometimes things can become overwhelming as a business. But the most important thing, is to remember why this season is important. Sales are high because consumers like buying gifts for others. It's the giving that makes these next few months for important. Don't forget that.

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